Vital signs monitoring

There are a large number of questions and issues about how the health status of people who live alone or are dependent should be monitored.. By monitoring the vital signs of each individual, it is possible to continuously follow up on the development of the individual’s state of health. It will no longer require a person to take all the vital signs bed by bed, but an alarm system alerts as soon as there is a patient who suffers a complication. Thus, with this non-invasive system on the user, it is possible to arrive in time and probably save the person.

In the residential environment, there is a periodic taking of vital signs in patients. However, these vital signs are not taken continuously, but with certain periods of time between them (hours) so it can happen that the person, while sleeping, suffers some kind of health problem that is reflected in their vital signs. These changes can be detected in time and provide the necessary help in time.

What is OXEEN?

Our data acquisition system using a bracelet type devicewristband device, together with the aggregation of bulk data Big Dataallows for the immediate detection of anyr incidence or change in the resident’s health in question, focusing especially on nursing home users and people who live alone in their private homes and require special attention. When the person suffers any alteration in these vital signs, an alarm will be sent to a previously stipulated group of contacts.

The device was designed for elderly people, with an elegant and comfortable design

The characteristics of the device are:

  • Body Temperature
  • SpO2
  • Heart Rate
  • Fall Detection
  • SOS button
  • Indoor location
Device image

All data is displayed on one platform and app so that healthcare staff monitor the health status of all residents in one place. In addition, this platform allows different parameters or incidents to be entered manually.


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