Healthcare and Social Care Software for Managers, Professionals, Caregivers, and Families.

OXEEN HOME es una herramienta de teleasistencia que consta de una plataforma, una app y un dispositivo smartband. Supports decision-making for professional managers, caregivers, and families by personalizing and automating healthcare and social care processes. Facilitates the efficient delivery of healthcare and wellness services at home.

What Features Does It Offer?

Medication, Monitoring, and Alerts

Our platform provides medication tracking, continuous monitoring, and personalized alerts to ensure proper treatment control and compliance.

Continuous Monitoring

With our smartband, we offer continuous health and physical activity monitoring, providing real-time information for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Encrypted Messaging and Video Calls

We offer encrypted messaging for secure communication and high-quality video calls for smooth and reliable interaction with users and healthcare professionals.

Schedule Management

Streamlines schedule management, allowing efficient and effective scheduling of appointments, reminders, and optimizing sociosanitary care-related activities.

Digital Medical Records

We offer the capability to store and manage digital medical records, providing easy and secure access to clinical information, facilitating decision-making and care coordination.

Postoperative Care

Our platform provides personalized postoperative monitoring, offering specific information and recommendations.

Always Protected

Designed to continuously monitor and detect the most common symptoms of respiratory diseases. An adjustable and washable strap ensures that the device can be worn comfortably and discreetly in any situation.

The health of your Patients Just a click away

An intuitive application that allows patients to maintain constant communication with their healthcare provider and a comprehensive tool for managing their well-being in all aspects.

Contact your patients securely

All data integrates with the existing information system of the healthcare center, stored and accessible from a single location, allowing healthcare providers to efficiently manage patient data, cases, and all required information.

Who Is It For?

Caregiver Agencies

Advanced care management and personalized home care tracking.


Expanding home care services and merging elderly care facility management with residences.

Day Centers

Allows expanding home care services and merging home care management with day centers.

Hospitals and Mutualities

Expanding home care services and merging home and hospital care management.

Home Care Services

Provides assessments, care plans, and advanced management of your professionals.

Teleassistance Services

Allows for secure communication and tracking with your patients.

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