Care Communication System

Care communication is the bidirectional flow of information between the patient and the health or social-health personnel..

The importance of good bidirectional healthcare communication

Communication between the healthcare professional and the patient is an essential part of achieving optimal care in a health and social-healthcare center. As a result, communication is more effective, problems are dealt with more quickly, the patient feels more under surveillance, and many other advantages.

In everyday life in hospitals and nursing homes, the well-being of the residents is the main objective. The use of existing communication systems was not enough to achieve this.

For this reason, in order to improve the patient’s quality of life, new forms of communication have emerged, such as the OXEEN system.

OXEEN System

What does OXEEN care communication consist of?

Our platform and app goes far beyond the communication between the patient and the healthcare staff. Our platform and app goes far beyond the communication between the patient and the healthcare staff.

Manual introduction of incidents

IntroManually enter any resident event so that different shifts can see the history and perform actions. In addition, records are automatically sent to the predefined worker.

Resident management in one place

From the dashboard, you can check the status of all residents in the facility. With different colors you are notified if there are constants out of their ranges or if someone has called for help or suffered a fall.

Manage notifications

From this screen you can manage and control all resident incidents as they occur.

Generate reports

View each resident’s summary and file to see their status in more detail or view the history to create customized reports.

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