Wandering control

Improve communication between residents and staff with our efficient tracking system for people prone to disorientation.

Provides security to users and workers.

OXEEN Wander Control is developed to protect users by maintaining their integrity and mobility while providing peace of mind to staff.

Simple installation

They are quick and easy to install and integrate with other solutions. As surface-mounted devices, they require no internal installation or site work and connect wirelessly.

Manage inputs and outputs

The wanderer control system allows you to manage entries and prevent unauthorized exits from a facility for people at high risk of absconding or in a dependency situation.

Reliable and efficient technology

It features high-performance wireless technology and fast communication. The signal is transmitted immediately to all programmed receivers.

Integration with other solutions

Its versatility allows compatibility with third-party systems. Integration and configuration can be done with existing or newly installed systems.

Design and security

The OXEEN nurse call system provides a simple and practical design, modernizing old installations, complying with CE regulations and the highest safety standards.

Indoor and outdoor controllers.

When a user approaches a restricted area, either inside or outside the building, the system sends location signals from the tags worn by the users to the controllers.

System elements

Web and cloud application

All wireless pagers in the nurse and patient call system are connected to the OXEEN platform and website. This way you will receive calls in real time wherever you are. The OXEEN platform offers integration of different devices and multiple functionalities.
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