Digitization in Residences

Every day, efforts are made to improve the care of the elderly by adapting to advancements and innovations in healthcare. Technology, especially artificial intelligence applications, enhance the resident’s experience and consequently free healthcare personnel from automatable tasks.


In 2023, the person-centered care model is expected to be fully implemented in residential centers, but this is not possible without the digitization of residences, i.e., the implementation of technology.


This digitization comes with various solutions that streamline healthcare personnel tasks and improve the quality of care for residents.

Some of the solutions offered by OXEEN are:

What are the main benefits of digitizing residences?

  1. Get patient information in one place, avoiding time and document losses.
  2. Improve response speed to incidents, quickly detect falls or anomalies in residents.
  3. Enhance communication with rooms and different areas using the nurse call system.
  4. Enhance resident quality, providing personalized and higher-quality care.
  5. Increase communication among healthcare personnel by centralizing messages in one place.
  6. Obtain environmental and refrigerator data for greater resident comfort and energy savings.

At OXEEN, we firmly believe that older people should receive the best possible care.


With our residence digitization solutions, you can provide high-quality care.


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