Residential Locating System

Introduction: As the world’s population ages, the care and attention of nursing home residents has become a priority. One of the key areas to ensure their well-being is the ability to move safely and autonomously within these facilities. This is where OXEEN, with its innovative indoor location system, comes into play. In this article, we […]

Discover OXEEN’s revolutionary telemedicine!

Interview link We’re excited to share with all our followers and readers the recent interview we conducted on the radio! It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to talk about our company and our projects in the field of telemedicine. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Residencia Danae for their […]

The impact of technology in nursing homes: improving quality of life.

Introduction Today, technology has transformed numerous aspects of our lives, and the care of older adults is no exception. Nursing homes have benefited greatly from technological advances, which have improved the quality of life for residents and optimized the efficiency of care services In this blog, we will explore how technology has helped nursing homes […]

Advancing patient care: Wireless patient-nurse call systems in nursing homes.

Introduction In the healthcare field, especially in the nursing home environment, it is essential to have efficient and fast systems to ensure communication between patients and nurses. Technological advances have led to innovative solutions, including wireless patient-nurse call systems. These systems have revolutionized the way care is delivered in nursing homes, improving residents’ quality of […]

Case Study – Danae Residence

Danae Residence, after a pilot test of OXEEN technology, has been awarded the nurse patient call system. Danae, specializes in the care of the elderly. Its main goal is to provide residents with a comfortable and dignified life, tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Among the features that make this residence endow it with […]

Care Communication System

Care communication is the bidirectional flow of information between the patient and the health or social-health personnel.. The importance of good bidirectional healthcare communication Communication between the healthcare professional and the patient is an essential part of achieving optimal care in a health and social-healthcare center. As a result, communication is more effective, problems are […]

Vital signs monitoring

There are a large number of questions and issues about how the health status of people who live alone or are dependent should be monitored.. By monitoring the vital signs of each individual, it is possible to continuously follow up on the development of the individual’s state of health. It will no longer require a […]

Digitization in Residences

Every day, efforts are made to improve the care of the elderly by adapting to advancements and innovations in healthcare. Technology, especially artificial intelligence applications, enhance the resident’s experience and consequently free healthcare personnel from automatable tasks.   In 2023, the person-centered care model is expected to be fully implemented in residential centers, but this […]

Are you a residence?

Discover the latest technology that will benefit your residence. OXEEN is a company specialized in remote monitoring for elderly individuals in residential or healthcare centers. We are a young and enthusiastic group with a clear philosophy of designing and providing digital solutions to enhance human care and attention to patients in clinics and geriatric residences, […]