Residential Locating System


As the world’s population ages, the care and attention of nursing home residents has become a priority. One of the key areas to ensure their well-being is the ability to move safely and autonomously within these facilities. This is where OXEEN, with its innovative indoor location system, comes into play. In this article, we will explore how OXEEN can improve residents’ quality of life and offer them greater independence in their day-to-day lives.

1.Precise and effortless navigation:

OXEEN’s indoor location system uses advanced technology, such as proximity sensors and beacons, to provide residents with accurate and effortless navigation within nursing homes. With the help of an easy-to-use mobile app, healthcare staff will receive alerts on residents’ locations.

2.Customized alerts and reminders:

In addition to navigation, the OXEEN device also offers additional features to enhance the caregiver’s experience, such as; fall detection and an alert button. These notifications can be received through the mobile app, helping healthcare staff move around the facility with peace of mind.

3. Activity monitoring:

OXEEN can also track resident activity, providing caregivers and nursing home staff with valuable information about their well-being and level of physical activity. This can help identify patterns of behavior, detect significant changes in a resident’s daily routine and provide more personalized care.

4. Promotion of independence and autonomy:

One of the greatest benefits of OXEEN is its ability to promote the independence and autonomy of nursing home residents. By providing them with a reliable tool, OXEEN allows them to move around without constantly relying on staff or other residents. This has a positive impact on residents’ self-esteem and quality of life, as they feel more capable of performing daily tasks on their own.


OXEEN offers an innovative and effective indoor paging system for nursing homes, improving the safety, well-being and independence of residents. By providing accurate navigation, personalized alerts and comprehensive activity monitoring, OXEEN becomes a valuable ally for caregivers and residents, ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment. With technology like this, we can take another step towards creating communities where our loved ones can enjoy a full and enriching life, even in old age.

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