Wireless nurse-patient call system

Wireless nurse-patient call system, easy to install and very economical.
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Immediacy in the care of residents in a facility is a key factor when high-risk situations arise. These situations can occur at any time and in any place. OXEEN’s warning system generates immediate alarms at the push of a button from wherever the patient is, as it has fixed and wireless personal pushbuttons.

Immediate response

Nursing staff receive calls in real time, either on the OXEEN platform or in the app. When a patient presses a call button, hallway lights and illuminated signs will quickly alert staff near which room or WC it is.

How does it works?

  • 1

    The resident presses the call button from the room, bathroom or common area to request staff presence.

  • 2
    Signal receiver

    Our signal receiver receives the call

  • 3
    Staff are alerted

    Staff are alerted on their pager to the room, bathroom or common area requested by the resident.


The OXEEN system is an efficient wireless and portable alarm system that is easy to install and very economical. It provides coverage of the entire facility regardless of its structure.
When the resident activates any of the system’s wireless accessories, such as the toilet handle, pear button, etc., the system is activated by the resident. The receiver alerts the auxiliary of the centre by means of a sound signal and/or vibration.
The number of the room or bathroom from which the alarm has been received will be displayed on the screen.


Very economic

No wiring required


Staff receive the alarms on their receiver, wherever they are.

Good connectivity

Installation of a single receiver for the whole centre


Real-time alarm visualisation and improvement reporting


Centralised on the same platform as other OXEEN systems

Cloud Web & App

All wireless pagers of the patient nurse call system are connected to the OXEEN platform and website. This way you will receive calls in real time wherever you are.
The OXEEN platform offers integration of different devices and multiple functionalities.
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