Resident monitoring

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Monitorización residentes

We integrate devices to monitor residents' health in real time.

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Alarms detected

Today we detect more than 500 alarms per day that are resolved in a timely manner.

Accelerates your resident's care and treatment

We integrate real-time resident health monitoring, and send alerts and reminders to improve your team's workflow no matter where they are.

Seguimiento de 1000 pacientes en 1 clic

Follow-up of chronic patients is a costly challenge. OXEEN has developed a full-suite solution for continuously generating automated medical follow-up. In one click, clinicians can unlock patients' real-time intelligent insights and effortlessly follow-up hundreds of high-risk patients. OXEEN boosts value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical and economical outcomes and reducing utilization cost.
Oxygen saturation
Body Temperature
Fall detection
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Inside localitzation

Cloud Web & App

All resident monitoring devices are connected to the OXEEN platform and website. This way you will receive calls in real time wherever you are.
The OXEEN platform offers integration of different devices and multiple functionalities.
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