Solutions for Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Wireless patient-nurse call system

Monitoring of residents and environments

We provide digital solutions to reduce manual processes in healthcare centers. We Improve the quality of life of patients.


OXEEN is a company specializing in remote monitoring for the elderly. We are a young, enthusiastic group with a clear philosophy of designing and providing digital solutions with the aim of improving the humane treatment and care of patients in clinics and nursing homes, freeing healthcare staff from the most automatable tasks.

Through a monitoring service, we control the health status of patients.

Our four areas of specialization are the following:

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Why choose us?

At Oxeen, we hope to improve the quality of life for both residents and staff in nursing homes.
To this end, we work closely with nursing homes to help integrate our technology into their routines and create a better environment for both residents and staff.
Accelerates care of your residents

Integrating real-time resident health monitoring, alerts and reminders into your team's workflow no matter where they are located.

All information centralized

Centralize all information; resident and staff activities, incidents and routines, resident and facility monitoring, all in one place.

Automate and process paperwork

Digitize data processing of residents' daily care routines, incidents, medication and health alerts.

About OXEEN?

OXEEN is a company founded in 2022 for the remote monitoring of residential centers. Since our inception we have developed important projects nationwide.
Our Mission

The goal of our work is to improve the efficiency of our staff in order to provide better care with greater capacity.

Our Vision

We believe that digital transformation is the only possible way to combat the aging sector.

Our Goals

We bring our expertise to bring about meaningful change in residential facilities, cultivating connections that go beyond a contractual relationship.

Our Future

We will continue to focus on the most innovative products in the sector and guarantee excellence to our customers. Centralizing all the information in the same place.

Our Blog

Explore our blog for insightful articles, personal reflections and ideas that inspire action on the topics you care about.
Sistema llamada paciente enfermera
Caso de éxito – Residencia Danae

La residencia Danae, tras realizar una prueba piloto de la tecnología de OXEEN ha realizado la adjudicación del sistema de [...]

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Comunicación asistencial
Sistema de comunicación asistencial

La comunicación asistencial es aquel flujo de información bidireccional entre el paciente y el personal sanitario o socio-sanitario. La importancia [...]

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Monitorización de constantes vitales
Monitorización de constantes vitales

Monitorización sin intervención Existe un gran número de preguntas y cuestiones sobre cómo se debe controlar el estado de salud [...]

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