Monitoring your health

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OXXEN is the solution that monitors bed patients, optimizing hospitals worflows, and enhancing quality service.

Tailor made solutions

We adapt to the new technologies with the ability to follow customers specifications.

Real-time continuous data

Real-time monitoring wich allows the status of the patient.

Increased efficiency

Improves service quality with less resources.


Integrated API to the center’s software system.

Wearable device for the monitoritzation

We adapt to the new technologies advances in order to improve the efficiency.

Measuring vital signs
Body temperature, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, falling detactions and geolocation in the center.

Tracking of the patients
With remote and automated measurements, we make better patient care possible.

Greater control at the same time
Thanks to the use of the device and the platform, greater control of all patients at the same time

What do we control?

  • Temperature
  • Blood oxygen
  • Pulse rate
  • Fall detection
  • Geolocation in the center

Dashboard to follow patients

The results of monitoring and device management are integrated into a system that controls all patients. Analysis and statistics are also available to the medical staff to help obtain more detailed diagnoses.

Patient history management
The necessary activities are digitalized to have a better patient history in order to act correctly.

Overview of all patients
The status of all patients is displayed on the same screen.

Alarms management
Incident management through the platform

How does it works?

  • New residents enter to the center.
  • They are offered the service.
  • They are fitted with the watch.
  • Vital signs are passively monitored.
  • The patient does not worry about nothing.
  • The nurse checks the patient’s condition through our platform.
  • In the event of an emergency an alarm is detected.
  • The platform is integrated to the ERP of the center through an API.


Now is the time to replace the old processes with intelligent monitoring.

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