Technology in Healthcare

Technological advancement has been changing the healthcare industry increasingly more rapidly. Specifically following the COVID-19 pandemic, technology is replacing outdated practices.

Telehealth appointments allow better access to doctors and treatment. Instead of wasting time on a commute, it can be much more efficient for both doctor and patient to meet online.

3D printing can create implants or prosthetic limbs much more easily than a manufacturer. There is even technology being developed that could essentially 3D print organs.

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to track healthcare records and diagnose and treat illnesses faster than a healthcare professional.

It is clear that technology has and will continue to innovate and improve the way the healthcare industry operates.

One area of the healthcare industry that has not had much technological innovation yet has the opportunity to deliver improved care with the help of technology is care for the elderly.

Nursing homes still operate almost entirely manually, as they have been for decades. At OXEEN, we have created the technology that will help advance this sector to improve its care and efficiency.

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